The Shoutcast v2 transcoder, sc_trans2 requires that your stream constantly be transcoded into a consistent format while using AutoDJ. The AAC+ encoder is free, however the MP3 encoder requires a one-time $5 licensing fee to make use of it on a public server. You can get it from WinAMP/AOL. Once you receive the license info you can enter the details by completing the following steps:

  1. Login to Centovacast.
  2. Go to Configuration > Settings then choose the AutoDJ tab.
  3. Fill out the fields for MP3 Unlock Name and MP3 Unlock Code.
  4. Press the Update button.
  5. Restart your server using the restart link on the left.


If you wish to avoid the licensing fee, you can either:

  • Not make use of a public server, or
  • Request that we change your server type to Icecast or Shoutcast v1, both of which allow you to stream your media using the format in which you originally uploaded the files.
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