Your server has been started successfully and your source audio stream is connected either from your local computer for a live stream or via AutoDJ, however, nobody can tune in. Flash Players might simply do nothing and VLC requests a username and password to tune in.


Problem Resolution


This is caused by not having all settings filled out that are required for a public server. If you don't require a public listing on the directory, you can simply set your server to private:

  1. Login to Centova Cast via the Client Centre.
  2. Choose Settings under "Configuration" in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on the Server Overrides tab and change the "Public Server" drop-down to Never.
  4. Press the Update button, then restart your server using the link on the left.


You should now be able to successfully tune in.


If you wish to have a public server, you can follow the directions here to ensure your stream appears on the directory.

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