Cricket-CLI is a command line interface for cricket enthusiasts, developed using Python. It allows you to get live cricket scores, rankings and standings of teams. In this article, we will show how to install and use cricket-cli in Linux systems.


How to Install Cricket-CLI Tool in Linux Systems


The Cricket-CLI tool can be installed using Python PIP, before that first install PIP and Setuptools on your Linux system.

$ sudo apt install python-pip python-setuptools  [On Ubuntu/Debian]
# yum install python-pip python-setuptools       [On CentOS/RHEL]
# dnf install python-pip python-setuptools       [On Fedora]


Once PIP and Setuptools installed, now you can install cricket-cli via PIP utility as shown.

$ sudo pip install cricket-cli


Once you have installed it, you can use it as explained below. It has descriptive options with names corresponding to what you want to see (for example scores, standings and rankings).


To get live cricket scores in the Linux terminal, run the following command.

$ cricket scores


You can view ICC cricket team standings in Linux terminal as shown.

$ cricket standings 


To check out ICC cricket player rankings, use the following command.

$ cricket rankings 


To view the cricket-cli help message, use the -h flag.

$ cricket -h


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