whowatch is a simple, easy-to-use interactive who-like command line program for monitoring processes and users on a Linux system. It shows who is logged on to your system and what they are doing, in a similar fashion as the w command in real-time.


It shows total number of users on the system and number of users per connection type (local, telnet, ssh and others). whowatch also shows system uptime and displays information such as user’s login name, tty, host, processes as well as the type of the connection.


In addition, you can select a particular user and view their processes tree. In the process tree mode, you can send the SIGINT and SIGKILL signals to selected process in a fun way.


How to Install whowatch in Linux


The program whowatch can be easily installed from the default repositories using package manager on your Linux distribution as shown.

$ sudo apt install whowatch  [On Ubuntu/Debian]
$ sudo yum install whowatch  [On CentOs/RHEL]
$ sudo dng install whowatch  [On Fedora 22+]


Once installed, you can simply type the whowatch in the command line, you can view a particular user’s details.

$ whowatch


For more information, see the whowatch man page as shown.

$ man whowatch


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