After updating a system, cPanel & WHM proceeds by running the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services  script in order to check all processes to determine their need to restart it.


The need to lend support for a file is added in cPanel and WHM version 70. This feature will allow the system administrators to declare that the processes are to be excluded from the check.


The /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services file

If a user desires to exclude a process from the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services  script, he just needs to log in to the server’s command line as the root user. After that, he has to proceed by adding that process to the /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services file. This file, however, will use a particular format. The format includes:

  • Entering only one process per line.
  • Using Unix line endings to separate the entries.
  • The system skipping blank lines.
  • Using the pound character (#) at the beginning of a line for marking it as a comment.


The service name should be matching its name as it appears in the process table. The user should use the ps command along with the necessary flags in order to list processes (like, ps -aux).


If a user wishes to create the file and then block the cloud-init and cloud-final services from restart checks, he has to run the commands which is similar to the following example:

mkdir -p /etc/cpanel/local


echo -e “# Prevent cPanel from checking the cloud-init and cloud-final services\ncloud-init\ncloud-final” >> /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services


But, in this above example, the /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services  file will be containing the following information:

# Prevent cPanel from checking about the cloud-init service


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