To use this feature, navigate to

cPanel>> Home>> Security>> Leech Protection


Why Leech Protection

The main purpose of the Leech Protection interface is to detect atypical levels of behaviour or activity in password-constrained directories. The system will automatically suspend or redirect the users if the number of logins surpasses the utmost number of logins set by you within a duration of two hours. This feature comes in handy in case of someone who posts a user’s login authorization on a public website.


Steps to enable Leech Protection:

You are required to follow the steps given below to activate leech protection for a directory:

1. Click on Settings.

2. After, you click on Settings, choose either of the following locations to start your navigation:

  • WebRoot ( www or public_html)- for the account’s core domain, you can start navigation in the document root
  • Document Root– select the document root wherefrom you want to start navigation and then you can choose the domain corresponding to that document root

3. Next, a checkbox appears. Click on Always open this directory in the future, to open this selection from Step 1 by default.

4. Select Save Changes.

5. Select the directory you want to protect.

  • Click the folder icon to steer towards the appropriate folder.
  • Select the preferred folder.

6. Next, set the maximum number of login attempts that can be made by the user within a span of two hours.

7. Enter a URL to which the user will be redirected if he/she exceeds the maximum number of logins within the two-hour duration.

8. Select Send Email Alert to on the checkbox, so that the system alerts you through email on the activation of Leech Protection.

9. Enter the appropriate email address.

10. If you wish to deactivate an account that has exceeded the maximum number of logins, you can select the Disable Compromised Accounts in the checkbox.

11. Select Enable.


Manage Users

You can add, edit and delete users by navigating to the suitable folder icon and selecting it. Then click on Manage Users to go to cPanel’s Directory privacy interface for that particular folder.


Disabling Leech protection

1. Got to the register or directory you want to disable Leech Protection for.

  • Select the preferred folder icon to go to a different folder.
  • Select the desired folder.

2. Select Disable.

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