MariaDB is a drop in replacement for Oracle MySQL servers. MariaDB is a multithreaded SQL database with a command syntax very similar to mSQL. This page shows how to install MariaDB server on OpenBSD. There are two packages of MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4.


mariadb-server – The MariaDB server.

mariadb-client – The client side of MariaDB server including mysqlclient library and headers for the MariaDB client API.


How to search for MariaDB packages


Run the following pkg_info command along with grep command:

pkg_info -Q mariadb


Search for PHP client that can access mariadb server:

pkg_info -Q mariadb | grep php


OpenBSD install MariaDB database server using pkg_add


Type the following pkg_add command to install MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4:

# pkg_add -v mariadb-server



$ doas pkg_add -v mariadb-server0


How to install MariaDB client on OpenBSD


Simply run:

# pkg_add -v mariadb-client



$ doas pkg_add -v mariadb-client


How to enable and start MariaDB server at boot time on OpenBSD


To configure and control daemons and services on OpenBSD use rcctl command


Enable MariaDB


# rcctl enable mysqld



$ doas rcctl enable mysqld


Initialize MariaDB data directory


You need to run mysql_install_db command. It initializes the MariaDB data directory and creates the system tables:

# mysql_install_db


Start MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl start mysqld


Stop MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl stop mysqld


Restart MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl restart mysqld


Check MariaDB service status on OpenBSD

# rcctl check mysqld


Verify that MariDB service running and port is open


Run pgrep command to search the process named mysqld:

# pgrep mysqld


Another option is to run ps command:

# ps aux | grep mysqld


Verify that TCP port 3306 is open using netstat command:

# netstat -f inet -na
# netstat -f inet -na | grep 3306


How to secure MariaDB installation


Run the following script:

# mysql_secure_installation


How to test MariaDB installation


Run the following mysql command:

mysql -u root -p


How to configure MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4


Edit /etc/my.cnf file:

# vi /etc/my.cnf


For example, change IP address binding from localhost:

bind-address =


To LAN IP address

bind-address =


Save and close the file. Restart mysqld service on OpenBSD:

# rcctl restart mysqld


How to open MariaDB port using PF firewall on OpenBSD


Simply add the following rule to /etc/pf.conf


pass in proto tcp from to any port 3306 keep state

Test it and reload the rules:

# pfctl -v -nf /etc/pf.conf
# pfctl -v -f /etc/pf.conf
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