Let us see all steps and command in details.


Alpine Linux install htop


Let us search for htop package using apk command:

apk search htop


Sample outputs:



htop package

Run the following command:

apk info htop


Sample outputs:

htop-2.2.0-r0 description:
Interactive process viewer

htop-2.2.0-r0 webpage:

htop-2.2.0-r0 installed size:


Install htop


Finally, type:

apk add htop


How to use htop command

The syntax is:

htop [options]


One can use a monochrome color scheme, run:

htop -C
htop --no-color


Want to see the tree view by default when running htop? Try:

htop -t
htop --tree


Let us see only processes of a given user named vyga:

htop -u vivek
htop --user=vivek
htop --user=nginx


Limit and show process for only the given PIDs:

htop -p PID
htop -p PID1,PID2
htop -p 1342
htop -p 7435,1367


How to get help about htop

Simply type:

htop --help
man htop


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