When Apache SpamAssassin is enabled, you may want to move spam to a different folder. By enabling this option, any message above the Spam Threshold Score will be automatically moved into the “Spam” folder. You can then review the spam messages and adjust the Spam Threshold Score as necessary to fine tune it.


Step 1: Click the ‘Spam Filters’ link on the main cPanel dashboard.


Step 2: Toggle the ‘Move New Spam to a Separate Folder (Spam Box)’ option to "on".


Step 3: Configure Spam Box Settings

This is an optional step that covers the additional options available for the Spam Box. I say optional because all it really does is allow you to easily empty the Spam box, either in its entirety or by deleting individual messages.


You have a couple of options here:

  • To delete all Junk Mail click “Empty all Spam Box folders.”
  • To search for specific spam messages, or delete by certain characteristics, click on the “Manage Email Disk Usage” option. You will then be able to manage disk usage, including the Junk Folder.


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