An email message spam score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the SpamAssassin Score, the more likely it is to be spam. If a message’s calculated spam score meets or exceeds the Spam Threshold Score, the system will label that message as spam.


The Spam Threshold Score and Auto-Delete Threshold Score (I’ll cover this shortly) are different, and as such do not affect each other.


Step 1: Click the ‘Spam Filters’ link on the main cPanel dashboard

Click on “Spam Filters”.


Step 2: Click on the ‘Spam Threshold Score’ link

To Adjust the Score, you will need to click on the “Spam Threshold” link.


Step 3: Adjust the Spam Threshold Score to your desired level

In cPanel you can adjust the Spam Threshold Score to one of the following settings, or a custom number between 1 and 10:


Score 1: Aggressive - This will mark many legitimate emails as spam. I.e., Many false positives.

Score 4: Recommended for well-tested servers

Score 5: Default

Score 8: Recommended for Internet service providers

Score 10: Passive. This will catch only the most obvious spam.

Custom Score: Any score between 1 and 10, configurable to two decimal places. This enables you to fine-tune the SpamAssassin Score setting if you continue to receive Spam emails.


We strongly recommend you to keep the Score at the Default level, and only adjust it if you still have a problem with spam emails.

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