Email routing is a feature in cPanel that allows you, as a domain owner, to choose how your incoming Email messages are processed by the Email server. This can either be your hosting provider’s Email server, or the Email server of your chosen Email provider e.g. Google, Yahoo or others.


In the following lines, we will take you through the different Email routing options available in cPanel.


Step 1

Login to your cPanel account.


Step 2

Navigate to the Email section and click on Email Routing.


Step 3

From the Domain section, choose the domain you wish to apply these settings for. If you only have one domain, it will be selected automatically.


Step 4

From the Configure Email Routing section, you can see the 4 available options. Click on the small arrows for each one to read each description. The default and recommended setting is the first one, Automatically Detect Configuration.

  • Automatically Detect Configuration
  • Local Mail Exchanger
  • Backup Mail Exchanger
  • Remote Mail Exchanger


Step 5

Choose the desired routing option from the list and click on Change in order to enable it.


That's all !!


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