In CentOS/RHEL 7, the /etc/pam.conf is depreciated and /etc/pam.d/remote will be used for controlling the telnet services. Follow the steps shown below to enable the telnet access to a group of users only.


Enabling telnet for group of users


1. Create a new group for users that are allowed to run telnet

# groupadd telnetusers


2. Add users to the group

# usermod -G telnetusers user01


3. Create the file /etc/security/telnet-group-users, and add the telnetusers group to the file.

# cat /etc/security/telnet-group-users


4. Make sure /etc/security/telnet-group-users only writable for root user.

# ls -l /etc/security/telnet-group-users
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7 Sept 4 10:32 /etc/security/telnet-group-users


5. Add following rules to /etc/pam.d/remote

auth required item=group sense=allow file=/etc/security/telnet-group-users


6. Verify the telnet connectivity to the server with any one of the user in the group “telnetusers”.

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