How to use the virus scanner in cPanel to scan your account files for viruses, trojan horses, and other types of malware. You can scan e-mail files, files in public web and FTP directories, or your entire account.

Following steps will guide you to scan your web-space and help you to keep it clean.

1. Access cpanel

You should enter the cPanel username and password to get in to the cpanel.

2. Navigate to

advanced >> virus scanner

3. Selecting virus scanner will give you a new interface showing the possible options.

4. Select any of the option as per your requirement, here we select “Scan Entire Home Directory” – Entire contents of the web-space will be scanned.

5. Click scan now.

6. In case of no infected files, you will get a message like “Virus scan complete. no virus found”. If the scan finds any threats, any of the following method should be performed to cleanup the webfiles.

Disinfect: Harmful content will be removed from the file.

Quarantine: Virus scanner will move the infected files to the following location.           


Destroy: Virus scanner will delete the infected files permanently.

Ignore: Virus scanner will keep the infected files unchanged ( not recommended).


7.Click Process Cleanup.  

     That’s it! Keep the website clean and secure!

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