Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used to access centrally stored information over a network. LDAP servers store information in a database called a directory, which is optimized for searches. Directory entries are arranged in a hierarchical tree-like structure. This directory can store a variety of information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, network services, printers, and other types of data. LDAP can also be used to authenticate users, allowing users to access their accounts from any machine on the LDAP network.


RedHat Linux includes OpenLDAP, which is an open source implementation of the LDAP protocols. Below is a list of OpenLDAP Server and Client Utilities list and their respective functions.


OpenLDPA server Utilities


The openldap-servers package also includes the following utilities:

slapacl: Checks the access to a list of attributes

slapadd: Adds entries from an LDIF file to an LDAP directory

slapauth: Checks a list of IDs for authentication and authorization permissions

slapcat: Generates LDIF output from an LDAP directory

slapdn: Checks a list of distinguished names (DNs) based on schema syntax

slapindex: Re-indexes the directory. Run slapindex whenever indexing options are changed in the configuration file.

slappasswd: Is a password utility for creating an encrypted user password

slapschema: Checks compliance of a database with the corresponding schema

slaptest: Checks the LDAP server configuration


OpenLDAP Client Utilities


The openldap-clients package installs the following utilities:


ldapadd: Adds entries to an LDAP directory either from a file or from standard input. ldapadd is a symbolic link to ldapmodify -a.

ldapmodify: Modifies entries in an LDAP directory

ldapcompare: Compares a given attribute with an LDAP directory entry

ldapdelete: Deletes entries from an LDAP directory

ldapexop: Performs extended LDAP operations

ldapmodrdn: Modifies the RDN value of an LDAP directory entry

ldappasswd: Is a password utility for an LDAP user

ldapsearch: Is an LDAP directory search tool

ldapurl: Is an LDAP URL formatting tool

ldapwhoami: Performs a whoami operation on an LDAP server


There are several LDAP client software applications that provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for maintaining LDAP directories.

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