Consumers who store rsync backups sometimes run into problems with the remote pruning process, if it does not finish deleting within the maximum 300 seconds per transportation process allowed time-frame.


Transport Error


The system sends an email notification after it is confronted with a transport error, depending on their iNotify settings. The email notification consists of a preview and an attached copy of the transport error log.


The following transport error codes are examples-


cPanel & WHM version 76 and later

The system could not prune the “home/username/backups/2018-05-24” directory due to an error. Read the documentation for solutions to successfully prune the directory.


cPanel & WHM version 74 and earlier 

If the directory to be pruned “home/username/backups/2018-0524” contains incremental backups with large numbers of files, you may need to remove it manually.


The directory name: home/username/backups/2018-05-24 is used as an example of an affected directory.



Many situations may instigate a transport error. The configuration has to be diagnosed to arrive at the best solution. Some such issues are discussed below:-


 The Directory’s Size Is Too Large


The remote transport process can time-out if the directory to be pruned is of a large size. The following steps can be followed to solve the issue-


Manually Deleting The Directory From Its Remote Destination:


The transport process can run into a problem if the directory to be pruned is too large in size. It has to be manually deleted from the remote location by applying the rm command.


rm -rf home/username/backups/2018-05-24


Disabling The Account’s Backup:

An account’s backup can be disabled by using the WHM Backup User Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Backup User Selection)  toggle_user_backup_state. However, some accounts can be too large for backups.


Changing Backup Type From Incremental to Compressed:

Backups for large sized accounts can be changed to compressed type from its usual incremental type, to save disk space. Using the destination type in WHM’s Backup User Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Backup User Selection), or the following commands-


  • backup_config_set— sets the backup configuration options
  • backup_destination_add— adds a backup destination
  • backup_destination_delete— removes a backup destination


Slow Backup Drive:

If the Remote Backup Drive is too lethargic in processing the transport pruning within the 300 second allowed time frame, the backup drive needs to be replaced with a faster one.


 Network Error:

Network connectivity issue can result in transport process errors. After it comes back on transport process would need to be run manually, using this command as a root user:






Users can use any of the above-mentioned tips and tricks to deal with their issues of remote pruning process.


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