There is a flexibility for cPanel users to manage, protect and administer email addresses on one’s mail server. One can line up the outgoing mail from the single email account on one’s server.


Receive Notifications Of Send Limits


By entering Tweak Settings and a rare limit, one can receive notifications about accounts which are sending a massive amount of emails.


Suspend An Account


To prevent any access to an account, one can prevent or stop login access and can temporarily restrain any sort of incoming mail with the help of suspension features that are located within the Email Accounts section of the cPanel interface.


Terminate An Account


One can remove a mail account and the related data from one’s machine all at one go.


The Latest Update: Suspending Outgoing Mail From A Single Mail Account


This update provides a benefit to the cPanel Administrators by easily isolating and halting the doubtful mail without discarding the ability for the user to do other necessary Webmail functions. This simply points out that the user can line up the outgoing mail as well as receive incoming mail until the administrator resolves the pending issues related to it. To have a look at this update, one can check the Email Accounts section of the cPanel interface.




Spam emails and a massive amount of incoming and outgoing emails create a disturbance in carrying out any work diligently. This feature helps to keep a check and resolve such issues without hampering the work of the user in any way.


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