If AutoDJ shows this error:

LAME: error resetting sample rate.
Ices Exiting...

Then you have selected a sample rate which is incompatible with the bitrate AutoDJ is streaming at.

Below is a table which shows which sample rates work with each bitrate, depending on the MPEG encoding used.

The top table shows the bitrate, if you then follow the column down, it will lead to a second table, which shows the usable sample rates for the bitrate you've selected.

As a general rule of thumb, 44100 Hz is common for bitrates between 32 and 320kbps, and anything below 32kbps is often 24000 Hz.

If you are switching between AutoDJ and live streaming you must use the same bitrate, sample rate and number of channels (stereo/mono) as AutoDJ.
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