Till December 2016, Phalcon installation was not supported by EasyApache3 and EasyApache4 by cPanel. However, here we will be installing the extension for PHP 7.0 using the source on GitHub.

# Clone the GIT and Create Extension

cd /usr/local/src/
git clone git://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon.git

Note: You must have git installed on your server, if it’s not installed run yum -y install git on your server.

# Now edit the Phalcon INI File

nano /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/etc/php.d/20-phalcon.ini

And add the following – extension=phalcon.so inside the file.

Now Configure and Build

cd /usr/local/src/cphalcon/build/php7/64bits/ 
/opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/phpize –enable-phalcon –with-php-config=/opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php-config
./configure –with-php-config=/opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php-config
sudo make install

# Verify

/opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php -m | grep phalcon

Output should show up as “phalcon

Now,get inside cPanel and Use the PHP Version Selector and set it to 7.0 and start using the world’s fastest and easiet to learn PHP Framework.

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