MySQL relational database management system prior versions to 5.5 were using MyISAM as a default storage system for databases. MyISAM is old but it has many useful extensions till date. MyISAM table has a ‘.MYI’ file for table’s indexes.

The .MYI file consist of two parts: the header information and the key values. If the table indexes are not properly organized then Database management software has to struggle and it uses extra resources to perform the task on the database. Sometimes the situation arises that user messes up the database and deletes them. MYI file or wants to recreate them. MYI for any table in the MySQL database.

So we can follow below steps to recover or recreate them. MYI file

  1. Locate the database stored on your server. Basically its under /var/lib/mysql/ path
    cd /var/lib/mysql/database_name
  2. Lookout for your table and check if. MYI file is present there or not. If its there and you need to recreate a fresh. MYI for a particular table in the respected database then deletes them. MYI.
  3. Run these commands given below

    myisamchk -r -q  table_namemyisamchk --safe-recover table_namemysqlcheck --user=database_user --password=user_password --repair --use-frm database_name table_name

    sudo service mysql stop

    myisamchk -r -f -o /var/lib/mysql/database_name/table_name

    sudo service mysql start

    sudo service mysql status

  4. After running above commands your fresh indexes of the respected table.MYI file will be recreated which in other sense means it has been recovered too.


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