• cPanel/WHM installed Server
  • Root Access to Server via SSH


Installation Procedure:


1. Login to root user via SSH

2. Run following commands to install Engintron which will install NGINX

cd /; rm -f; wget –no-check-certificate; bash install


3. Above installation will take a couple of minutes depending on the machine specifications

4. Login to WHM and Goto Plugins, you will find “Engintron for cPanel/WHM”, which means your Engintron is successful along with NGINX.


Configuration for Cloudflare Users


1. Open Engintron as explained in the last step of installation

2. Under NGINX Menu in Left Sidebar look for “Edit your custom_rules for Nginx (view default)” and tap it

3. Uncomment the following line by remove # character



XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – It is your cPanel’s shared IP address, replace it and tap on update rules.


4. Engintron will restart and everything will be working out of the box.

So we have completed NGINX Installation with the help of Engintron.

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