1. Login to root using SSH

2. Download tarball of MailScanner on Server

wget "https://download.configserver.com/msinstall.tar.gz"

3. Run Following Command to Extract the tarball

tar -xvf msinstall.tar.gz

4. Prepare to install

cd msinstall
sh install.sh

Note – Install script might take some time to install.

5. Login to WHM

6. Under “Server Configuration” Section open “Tweak Settings”

7. Look for “SpamAssassin Spam Filter” and “SpamAssassin Spam Box”

8. Untick or Turn-off both of these options

9. Look for “spamd” under dormant services and untick it.

10. Goto WHM Homepage and Head towards “Service Configuration” Section and open “Service Manager”

11. Look for “SpamAssassin Spam Filter”, “SpamAssassin Spam Box” and “spamd” option and uncheck all three options.

12. Goto WHM Homepage and Head towards “Packages” and Open “Feature Manager”

13. Under Manage Feature List edit ‘disabled’ list and tick “SpamAssassin Spam Filter” and “SpamAssassin Spam Box” to disable usage by other lists.

14. Scan domain hosted on your server using the following command and add to monitoring zone

/usr/mscpanel/mscpanel.pl -i

15. Add the following in cronjob rules for daily scanning of new domains addition

0 0 * * * /usr/mscpanel/mscpanel.pl > /dev/null 2>&1

16. Installation here is done. MailScanner Configurations are stored in /usr/mailscanner/etc/MailScanner.conf file. Please be careful when changing configuration values.


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