Typically, media is uploaded either via the web-based file manager or via FTP.


The web-based file manager's upload form is very convenient, especially for new users who may not be comfortable using FTP client software. The process of uploading media via the file manager is described in the user's manual.


FTP is more suitable for uploading large numbers of files. If Centova Cast's FTP server has been installed and enabled, then the process of uploading media via FTP is very similar to that of uploading files to a website:


1. Connect to your server's IP address (or domain name) using an FTP client. (If you don't already have an FTP client, we recommend SmartFTP or WinSCP).


2. Login to the FTP server using your Centova Cast stream's username and password. Note that this is not your "admin" account; you need to use the actual username and password you specified when creating the stream in Centova Cast.


3. Upon logging in, you should see a "media" directory. Open the "media" directory and upload your media files (i.e., MP3s) into this directory.


4. Once your media files have been uploaded, they will automatically appear within a minute or two in the media library in Centova Cast's web interface.


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