Step 1 – Get the latest Java version

Since Minecraft is based on Java, we will have to install the latest version to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You may use the command prompt to check if you meet to requirements. Execute the following:

java -version

Then, make sure it matches the latest Java version in the official website. Download and install it in case your current version is older or if you do not have Java at all. 

Step 2 – Installing Minecraft Server on Windows

Next, you should choose a location where you’ll set up the Minecraft server. To keep everything organized, we recommend creating a dedicated folder for this task. Once that’s done, download the latest Minecraft server setup software from the official site. Move the .jar file to the directory that you created earlier and double click it.Before proceeding to start the Minecraft server, you will need to accept the EULAagreement. This can be done by editing eula.txt file and changing from eula=false to eula=true

Step 3 – Running Minecraft Server

You can start the Minecraft server with the help of Windows command prompt. Use it to navigate to your dedicated Minecraft server directory. For example:

cd Desktop/MinecraftServer

Initiate Minecraft server by executing the following command:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Alternatively, you may double click the .jar file again and it will also do the trick. You might need to allow the Minecraft server through the firewall. 

If you see a similar screen, it means that your Minecraft server has been successfully started.

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