2> is input redirection symbol and syntax is:

      1. To redirect stderr (standard error) to a file:
        command 2> errors.txt
      2. To redirect both stderr and stdout (standard output):
        command &> output.txt

How to redirect standard error in bash

Run find command and save all error messages to the find.error.txt file:

find / -name "*.conf" 2> find.error.txt

You can view find.error.txt with the cat command:

cat find.error.txt

This is useful in shell scripts or any other purpose.

How to redirect standard error and standard output in bash

You can send both stdout and stderr to a file named output.txt

command &>output.xt
find / -name "*.pl" &>filelist.txt

Please note that both errors and the actual output of the find command stored into a file:

cat filelist.txt
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