Discus is a df-like, highly configurable utility for checking disk space utilization in Linux, intended to make df prettier with fancy features such as colored output, bar graphs, and smart formatting of numbers. To configure it, you may copy its main configuration file /etc/discusrc to ~/.discusrc and do your customization in there.


The package discus is available to install from the default system repositories using package manager on Linux distribution as shown.

$ sudo apt install discus #Debian/UBuntu
$ sudo yum install discus #RHEL/CentOS
$ sudo dnf install discus #Fedora 22+


After installing discus, Run the discus command with the default settings:

$ discus


To disable the color, use the -c flag:

$ discus -c


To display device names instead of graphs, use the -d flag:

$ discus -d


If do not want to use smart formatting, you can disable it using the -s switch as shown:

$ discus -s


For more information, see the discus man page.

$ man discus


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