PostgreSQL often referred to as Postgres is an open source Object-relational database management system that lays emphasis on standards and extensibility compliance. This database is available for Linux, Microsoft and macOS servers.


Follow the steps to carry out the task:

WHM>>Home>>SQL Service>>Configure PostgreSQL


The main purpose of this interface is to complete the

  • PostgreSQL installation process
  • Set up PostgreSQL users
  • Revise the PostgreSQL password

Once you have installed PostgreSQL on the server through the command line. You have to use Postgres Config Install to complete the installation procedure. In order to do this, click the Install Config.


Just after the PostgreSQL installation process, you must start creating PostgreSQL accounts if cPanel accounts already existent on your server. Click on Create Users to do this.


In order to renew or update your password, you can enter the new password in the text boxes provided and click on Change Password. Finalize your password by entering and confirming your new password in the suitable boxes.


Things you have to look out for:

  • Only advanced users are entitled to this interface’s features. This interface will be displayed by the WHM interface only if PostgreSQL is instated on your server.
  • The above mentioned Postgres Config installation process should be carried out for the sole purpose of the PostgreSQL installation process. This feature might overwrite the present pg_hba.conf file if your server already has a functional installation of PostgreSQL.
  • Before you create Postgres users, you should know that this feature should be put to use to craft PostgreSQL users for cPanel accounts that already exist as soon as you install PostgreSQL. But if you want to create fresh cPanel accounts on PostgreSQL installed servers then the system will by default generate the PostgreSQL user for the new cPanel account.
  • Passwords are a crucial aspect and every user should make sure that the passwords they are using cannot be breached. Also, users have to take into account the following points while updating their PostgreSQL passwords:
    • It is always advisable to use strong passwords. If the password strength meter shows green, it means that your entered password is equal to or more than the required password strength.
    • The strength of your password is evaluated by the system on a scale of 100 points; 0 is indicative of a vulnerable password whereas 100 mean a much-protected password.
    • In case of assistance, you can click on Password Generator for suggestions.
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