The AutoDJ should never be "kicked" using SHOUTcast/Icecast's "kick source" feature. 

Doing so causes the SHOUTcast/Icecast server to forcibly disconnect AutoDJ which in turn causes AutoDJ to stop running when it cannot reconnect.

This has a number of negative side-effects:

- This is interpreted by CentovaCast's monitoring as an unexpected AutoDJ outage (which is correct, because it is indistinguishable from a crash). This will cause AutoDJ to restart (and possibly the stream) which will disrupt your live broadcast.

- CentovaCast will periodically attempt to restart the AutoDJ to recover from the perceived outage. These attempts will fail during the live broadcast and be interpreted as further problems with the server.

- In some cases, the the kicked AutoDJ will remain running in the background and prevent proper control of the AutoDJ. 

If you lose control of AutoDJ, you will need to submit a ticket so that we can restore AutoDJ control for you.
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