Comparison between Web Hosting and Web Publishing:

  Web Hosting Web Publishing
  • Web hosting refers to a service that is associated with internet hosting. The companies that offer this service, provide their server computers to store the websites.
  • Web publishing refers to the process in which the content is published on the internet. It generally includes the creation of websites which are later uploaded using a web server.
  • It includes the acquisition of space in the server to store the web pages so that the website can be accessed through the internet.
  • It may include many processes like developing a website, hosting it and even maintaining it.
  • The term can also be used in the context of blogging or creating a profile on social platforms like Facebook.
  • Selecting the way to host the website: own web server, or get a web hosting from our website.
  • Connectivity to the host.
  • Testing the website after uploading.
  • Securing a domain name
  • Acquiring web hosting services
  • Website testing
  • Uploading  the web pages
  • Updating the information
  • Validating the links
  • Promoting the site through various methods
  • Address issues and concerns related to web publishing



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