Basically, both these applications work together ie. one works on the server side and the other as a desktop/client side app.

The MS Exchange is a software that operates on the server. It is responsible for receiving and storing the emails that are sent. Most large enterprises and firms usually opt for an Exchange server due to the various features and functions offered for management of users email accounts.

Whereas, the Microsoft Outlook is the desktop email client. Using an Outlook, users can retrieve their emails from their Exchange Server. In order to do so, the POP (Post Office Protocol) is used.

List of features available with Exchange and Outlook :

  • Full administrative control over email accounts with various privileges for restricting particular activities by users.
  • Browser-based Outlook version is offered along with Ms Exchange
  • Since Ms Exchange is one of the biggest email solutions for corporates and large companies, support and is easily available over the internet.
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