PHP5 Servers:
ALL of our PHP5 servers have PHP compiled as CGI with phpSuExec running. This will allow you the proper use of php uploads and prevents the user "nobody" taking ownership of your files. [SINCE V5.1.2+ YOU CAN NO LONGER OVER-RIDE THE SERVERS MAIN PHP.INI FILE]

Points to be aware of when running PHP compiled as CGI:

1) php scripts will now run using the userid of the account holder instead of user "nobody"

2) World-writable folders (chmod 777) will not be required for file uploads through php

3) The php files will also have ownership of your userid

4) php files (scripts) do not need 755 permissions. 644 is fine. In fact, 400 or 600 is ok too (especially good for sensitive information)

5) php_flag or php_value can NOT be used in .htaccess files (It will result in Internal Server Error)

If you are facing any issue on the same then hire our experts.

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