To get familiarise with databases in phpMyAdmin, first of all, log in to phpMyAdmin and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. From the first screen, you will have access to your databases, which are listed on the left.

2. Clicking a database name will show a list of tables in the database on the left and more detailed information on the right.

3. In the Action section, you can click 'Browse' to see the individual records in a table.

4. Click 'Structure' to view a table's structure and perform several actions.

5. Click 'Search' to search using specific keywords.

6. Click 'Insert' to add new rows (or fields) to the table.

7. Click 'Empty' to delete the contents of a table.

8. Click 'Drop' to delete the whole table and its contents.

9. Click a table on the left to view the structure of the table's fields.

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