To broadcast live with LibreTime, you can use Mixxx, an Open Source application for DJs. Mixxx can be installed on your desktop or laptop computer and complements your LibreTime server to provide a complete system for both live and scheduled broadcasting.

To use Mixxx for live streaming, you need version 1.9.0 or later, which includes a live-streaming client that is compatible with Icecast and SHOUTcast media servers, the same servers that LibreTime uses. You can configure Mixxx for streaming into LibreTime by clicking Options, Preferences, and then Live Broadcasting on the main Mixxx menu. Select the Icecast 2 server type, and use the Input Stream Settings configured in the LibreTime Streams page for Host, Mount, Port, Login, and Password.

Another option for live streaming is to use BUTT, which stands for Broadcast Using This Tool. To set up BUTT for streaming into LibreTime, you need to download and install the software, and make sure you have version 0.1.17 or newer.

  1. Open up BUTT
  2. Click settings
  3. Under MainServer click ADD
    1. Type LibreTime (or your station) under Name
    2. Click the radio button next to IceCast under Type
    3. Type your stations URL (webpage address) under Address:
    4. Type 8002under Port:
    5. Type your DJ login password under Password
    6. Type /showunder IceCast mountpoint:
    7. Type your dj login under IceCast user:

4. Click ADD

5. Still in settings click, Audio and select your audio input device under Audio Device

  • When it's almost your show time go to your LibreTime page and look at the time in the top right when your show starts go to Butt.
  • Click the white Play button (the third button in the middle).
  • If it says connecting... and then stream time with a counter- congratulations, you are connected.
  • Go to the LibreTime page and at the top right under Source Streams the tab beside Show Source is to the left and Orange - if it's Current shows Live Show you are connected.
  • If it's grey, click on the Show Sourceswitch to the right of it and it will toggle your show on and you will be broadcasting. 

Note: whether auto connect is turned on is a station-specific setting so it could work either way

To record your show, click the red circle record button on the left in BUTT. It will save an MP3 based on the date and time in your home/user directory by default. 

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