You can record your all DJs live shows to an MP3 file and you can also download them from your SonicPanel clients, so you can re-upload them and use in playlists as well.


How To Record:

  • Login to your SonicPanel clients. 
  • Go to 'Manage AutoDJ' link from the left menu and choose enable/disable 'Record Live DJ Shows' on the form. 
  • Here, specify the recording quality and save the changes.



  • Once your DJ is on air, the show will be recorded under your radio account as an MP3 file. 
  • It will use your available hosting space. Long shows can use too much space-based record quality options.


How To Download/Delete Records:

  • Login to your SonicPanel clients. 
  • From the left menu, choose 'List/Download DJ Shows' link. 
  • Now you can either Download or delete the recorded live shows on the page.


  • Either Download and then delete the recorded live shows to save your hosting space usage.



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