You might be getting error “Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel”, when trying to access Cloudflare plugin under the software heading in the cPanel.


To fix this, you will be needing

  • Root access of the server
  • Cloudflare API key


Reason for error :

This is probably due to old version of Cloudflare plugin present in your cPanel based server which has now got conflicted with the cPanel latest version.


Cloudflare Plugin doesn’t updates own it's on as of now. So to update the same, we will be running the following command :

bash <(curl -s -k API_KEY -n ‘Company Name’


Replace the API_KEY with your Cloudflare API key which can be found in your Cloudflare account dashboard. Company name can be a string inside the single inverted commas.


API_KEY looks like 4101fdfgdyh0737543yu4gyu3t781p973


Upon the successful run of the command, you will get output like :


Starting CloudFlare CPanel Installation…

Downloading and unpacking latest version v7.0.1…

info [install_plugin] Installing to paper_lantern

info [install_plugin] Scheduling task to update sprites

info [install_plugin] Scheduling task to update API spec files

Plugin installed ok

Cleaning up


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