Initially, get assured the PHP version of your root folder is fit with the version of Laravel you want to install. Softculous gives only the latest version of Laravel (currently version 5.4), which needs PHP 5.6 or later. You also require to make sure that the phar and mcrypt PHP extensions are approved.




If you are hosted with WebHostFace you can quickly activate them from the “Select PHP Version” option:







After obtaining these configurations enter Softaculous which is placed beneath the “Software/Services” section in your cpanel.




Search for “Laravel” in the search bar in the top right corner. All you require to do is pick the domain for your new Laravel installation and choose the location in the “In Directory” section. In case if you want to install it in your public_html then leave the field blank.




Please note that by default, Laravel is placed in a subfolder called /public. 




If you prefer to install an older version of Laravel, need to use Composer. You are free to contact our Dedicated Team for Laravel assistance as well!


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