Why I'm Not Receiving Email Messages from Ucartz Online on Hotmail/Outlook/Live?


Recently, we have noticed that our emails( such as Product welcome mail, Server Details, Invoice Notification etc) are not received by some of the clients who are using Microsoft email services (Outlook/Live/Hotmail). All the mails, let it be a reply or an invoice notification it gets either bounced or sometimes returns saying undeliverable.


We took it as an important issue that we cannot keep on having any more. On further investigation, we found many clients are using Outlook/Live/Hotmail as a medium for communication. And they are the only who are not receiving our response emails on time.


There could be several reasons why you aren't receiving our e-mail. For better connectivity, we suggest you to either create an email account with Gmail, Yahoo mail or any webmail. Or else if you already own one then please use that account for a communication purpose rather than your Outlook/Live/Hot mail.


Thank you for your time.



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