The configuration required for WHM/cPanel servers:


Make sure the MX records for the domain are: Priority 10 Priority 20


Make sure the Spam Experts servers are pointing to the correct server for delivery to your domain:

  • Log into the Spam Experts server
  • Search for the domain name
  • Click on the domain name link
  • Select the "Edit Route(s)" button
  • Make sure the IP or URL entered is correct and that it exists.


To have mail delivered to a local mailbox in WHM/cPanel from Spam Experts you must set the MX routing in WHM/cPanel to Local as following:

  • Log into WHM
  • Search for DNS in the search just below the WHM logo
  • Select "Edit DNS Zone"
  • Type the domain name - or select it from the list
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure "Email Routing" is set to "Local Mail Exchanger" and not "Automatically Detect Configuration".



If left on Auto - WHMlooks at the MX records and sees they are not local addresses - it will set the routing to "Remote Mail Exchanger" which will cause all emails to fail when Spam Experts tries to deliver an email to the server - it will see the domain is set to remote and not accept the mail for delivery.


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