You can edit and manage images saved to your account using the Images interface. The tools that might come in handy are:

Thumbnailer- using this you can create smaller version of the images and store them in a thumbnails subdirectory.

Converter- using this tool you can change any supported image file type to another. For instance, change .jpg files to .png files.

Scaler- resize individual images using this tool.



Thumbnailer is usually used to save bandwidth on a photo page and the system adds the tn_ prefix to the filename so thumbnail images. Remember that the thumbnailer tool does not convert individual images but entire folders of images. Follow the enlisted steps to convert images to thumbnails:

  1. Select the directory in which there are images you want to convert>> select the folder icon>> select the folder name
  2. Enter the percentage by which you want to contract your images in the Scale Percent text boxes.
  3. To ensure that the images’ dimensions maintain proportion, select Keep Aspect Ratio.
  4. Select Thumbnail images.



To convert the file types of images, perform the following steps:

1. Choose the file you want to convert

  • Select the folder icon to go to the file system
  • Select folder name
  • Select a file name

2. Select the file format you want to convert to from the menu, which includes:

  • .GIF
  • .BMP
  • .PNG
  • .JPG

3. On selecting Convert, the new file will be saved in the same directory as the original file.



You can shrink or enlarge an image by following the steps given below

1. Choose the image

  • Select the folder icon.
  • Select the folder name.
  • Select the file name.

2. In order to set the new size, carry out either of the options:

  • Using the New Dimensions text box, define the desired image size in pixels.
  • You can also define the desired image size in percentage using a Percent text box.

3. To prevent the images from distorting, select Keep the current aspect ratio.

4. To store a copy of the original file, select Retain a copy of the old image.

5. Select Scale Image.

6. To view the resized image, select Your image.

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