This is for cPanel and WHM version 68. One can navigate to (cPanel Home Preferences Password & Security) for working on this feature. This feature helps in updating the password of one’s account. A strong password helps in securing one’s cPanel account.


Change your Password

If a user wishes to change the password, he can enter the desired information and then click on Change your password now!, or can also use the Password Generator feature. In that case, one should enable Digest Authentication without fail, if Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10 are used and access Web Disk over a clear text, unencrypted connection.


Create a Strong Password

In order to maintain a high security of the accounts, one has to create a strong password. For this, one must create a different password for each of the important accounts (for example, the email accounts). Also, a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols must be used while creating password to make it more strong and secured.


Password Generator

A user can use this feature for generating secure passwords, that will not be easy for malicious users to guess or crack the password. It can be used in any interface that displays it.


When one clicks on Password Generator, a new window is displayed which contains a generated password in a text box. One should click on Generate Password until you get a satisfactory password from it.


Configure Security Requirements

With these five simple steps, one can configure the security requirements:



  1. Firstly, click on Advanced Options.
  2. Then, in the Length text box, one has to enter the length of the password as he desires.
  3. Then select uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols, if required.
  4. One has to copy the password in a secured place and select on I have copied this password in a safe place checkbox available at the bottom of the window.
  5. Lastly, one has to click on Use Password for using the generated password. If one wishes to reject the password and close the Password Generator window, one can click on the cancel option.


External Authentication

This interface displays the external authentication identity providers that is selected by the hosting provider in WHM’s Manage External Authentications interface (WHM >> Home >> Security Center >> Manage External Authentications).


The system administrator may allow the users to access cPanel with external authentication credentials like, cPanel ID, WHMCS, Google® Accounts, Facebook®, or one’s hosting provider’s portal. It allows in reducing the number of passwords that need to be remembered. On the other hand, the External Authentication tab enlists the credentials for OpenID Connect-compliant identity providers that can be used to log in to cPanel and Webmail.


One can use this feature to link new credentials or unlink existing credentials.


Link & Unlink your Account

To link your account, click on External Authentication tab, click on Link Account beside the name of the proper identity provider. A new login interface will appear thereafter for that identity provider. The requested username, password, and other credentials to be entered for that identity provider. If already logged in, then the interface will skip this step. Confirm to allow the provider to link the cPanel or Webmail account. Confirm to link your cPanel account to the provider’s authentication credentials.


To unlink your account, click on Unlink Account next to the proper account. A new interface will appear thereafter asking to confirm the unlinking of the account.

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