odo.txt (todo.txt-cli) is an easy and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file. It allows you to add todos, list added todos, mark an entry as done, appends text to existing lines, and remove duplicate lines from todo.txt all from the Linux command line.


It also supports archiving (moves all done tasks from todo.txt to done.txt and removes blank lines), de-prioritizing (removes the priority) from the task(s) and so much more.


Todo.txt-cli is part of the todo.txt apps which are minimal, open-source and cross-platform, todo.txt-focused editors which assist you to manage your tasks with a few keystrokes and taps possible. Todo.txt CLI and Todo.txt Touch are built for CLI, iOS, and Android.


How to Install Todo.txt CLI in Linux


To install todo.txt-cli, first, you need to clone the git repository on your system using following git command.

$ cd ~/bin
$ git clone https://github.com/todotxt/todo.txt-cli.git
$ cd todo.txt-cli/


Then run the following commands to build and install todo.txt-cli.

$ make
$ sudo make install


Note: The Makefile makes several default paths for installed files. You can use the following variables to make adjustments on your system:

  • INSTALL_DIR: PATH for executables (default /usr/local/bin).
  • CONFIG_DIR: PATH for todo.txt config.
  • BASH_COMPLETION: PATH for auto-completion scripts (default to /etc/bash_completion.d).


For example:

$ make install CONFIG_DIR=$HOME/.todo INSTALL_DIR=$HOME/bin BASH_COMPLETION_DIR=/usr/share/bash-completion/completions


How to Use Todo.txt CLI in Linux


To add a todo task to your todo.txt file, run the following commands.

$ sudo todo.sh add "setup new server"
$ sudo todo.sh add "discuss rootadminz.com site with Vyga"


To list added todo tasks, use the following command.

$ todo.sh ls


You can marks task as done in todo.txt using the following command.

$ sudo todo.sh do 1


You can also delete a todo item, for example.

$ sudo todo.sh del 1


For more usage and command options, run the following command.

$ todo.sh -h


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