Step 1) Log into WHM


Step 2) In the Account Functions section, click Create a New Account:


 Step 3) Enter a domain name for the account to use. The username should be filled in automatically, based on the domain name. Change it, if you want. Enter or generate a strong password. Type an e-mail address that should be used as this account’s main point of contact:


  Step 4) Next, we need to specify the limits (disk space, bandwidth) to apply to this account. Choose a package that is already created from the drop-down menu. If you are adding your first account, check Select Options Manually. 


  If you check Select Options Manually. Click Save Manual Settings as a Package to save our manual settings as a new package.


 Step 5) Enter a Name for the package.


 Step 6) Set account’s resource limits under Manual Resource Options. This section allows you to specify the limits (disk space, bandwidth) for the account you are creating.


 Step 7) Let’s give this account (and package) a reasonable limit of 5 GB for disk space and 10 GB for bandwidth specified in megabytes (MB):

1 GB = 1000 MB


Next, you may restrict the number of FTP accounts the user can create if you desire. Repeat with E-mail Accounts,  Mailing Lists, Max SQL Databases, at your discretion.

  • A parked domain is a domain name that sits on top of another, serving the same website to a client’s browser. They’re commonly used when website owners have the same domain on multiple top-level domains, such as with and
  • Addon domains, on the other hand, allow a client to host a completely different website than the main site.


Step 8) Settings


It is recommended that leave Dedicated IP unchecked.


Giving customers Shell Access can cause a number of security issues if your server isn’t configured correctly. We recommend disabling shell access unless specifically requested.


CGI Access can and should be left enabled, in most cases.


 Step 9) DNS settings


If a DNS zone already exists for the domain name you chose, click Overwrite any existing DNS zones for the account to overwrite it.


 Step 10) We’re finished here. Click the Create button.


You’ll see a progress bar notifying you of the status of the creation process. It might take several minutes for the process to complete.


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