Setting up your own private nameservers has several benefits,  a custom name server will allow you to run your own name server which will respond to DNS requests, you can also use them for branding purposes. This feature is available on all our Reseller Hosting plans.


Using a custom nameserver will hide the fact that your domain’s DNS requests are handled by our public name servers, allowing the reseller to position themselves as the hosting company.


For example, instead of pointing the domains at our default nameservers you could use private ones that look like:


1) Log into WHM


2) Click on the Basic WebHost Manager Setup button located under the  Server Configuration section in the left side menu.


You may notice that there are already two nameservers created using the main domain assigned to your account, using the same domain name as the server’s hostname, are already in place.


If there are no nameservers listed here then you will need to add them, you just need to type the name of the nameserver you wish to use, they should be something like:




Just click Save Changes to set them up.


3) You now need to create the DNS records for the nameservers you just created, there are two situations here:


3.1) The domain you used for the nameservers is currently using Chemiclous’s nameservers.


a) In this case, you can easily add these DNS records, from WHM click on the Edit DNS zone button located under the  DNS Functions section in the left side menu and select the domain name, in this case, yourdomain.extension.


b) Click on the Edit button and scroll down to the Add New Entries. Below this Line section, create the following records as shown in the image and click Save.


These are the IP addresses that you need to use:


3.2) If the domain you used for the nameservers is currently using the nameservers of another provider you will need to create the A records for the nameserver from their control panel. You just need to create the following A records:


ns1. that points to IP
ns2. that points to IP
ns3. that points to IP


After everything is the setup you still need to register the Name Servers with your domain Registrar. If your domain is registered through Ucartz Hosting, please follow the steps described in this tutorial, otherwise, you will need to login to your domain Registrar where you registered the yourdomain.extension domain.


For example, if you are setting up ns1.yourdomain.extension, ns2.yourdomain.extension and ns3.yourdomain.extension and you purchased your domain.extension from HostGator, you would need to login to your Hostgator account in order to register the new nameservers.


You need to look for a simple form in which you enter can enter the name of the new nameserver and the corresponding IP address, which you can find here.


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