Q: Is there a 30 day free trial with the service packages? And how does that work?

Ans: Yes, we do offer 30 days trial. But, you have to make the payment in advance. i.e.,  First, you need to purchase the service.  And if you don't like the service, anytime within the 30 days, you can request for a refund and cancel the service.


Q: Is there a place where a reseller can place their logo's, or it just plain without logos?

Ans: Yes, all our services are 100% white label. And you can add your logos and names and brand yourself.


Q: Is everything really unlimited, or is there a limit set on the services?

Ans: We don't set any limits on our unlimited packages but we never allow users to oversell.


Q: Does billing software come with the reseller package, or do I have to get that from another source?

Ans: We don't provide billing software with any service. You need to buy one yourself.


Q: With my new Shoutcast Dedicated Server do I have a limit. 

Ans: No. It's your private server. You own that and there is no limitation.


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