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Types of Limits


memory_limit = 128M


This limit means that how much maximum memory can a PHP script use from your server or memory a PHP script can occupy. Here it’s 128 MegaBytes.


upload_max_filesize = 32M


This limit means the maximum size of a single file that can be uploaded to the server. Here its 32 MegaBytes/


post_max_size = 64M


This limit means that how much memory a single POST Data can occupy. Here it’s 64 MegaBytes.


max_execution_time = 30


This limit means maximum time a PHP script can take to load. Here it’s 30 seconds.


max_input_time = 60


This limit means a maximum of time that can be taken to parse the data for some input. Here it’s 60 seconds.


max_input_vars = 1000


This limit means how many GET/POST/COOKIE input variables may be accepted by the PHP script. Here it’s 1000 variables.


max_file_uploads = 20


This limit means the maximum number of files that can be uploaded in a single request. Here it’s 20 files.


Procedure to add/change these limits in WHM


1. Login it WHM.

2. Goto Software Section and look for ” MultiPHP INI Editor” and open it.

3. Select Editor Mode

4. Select your PHP version whose limits you want to add/change.

5. Look for the limit you want to add/change if it exists then change the value or add the limit yourself in the editor and save it.

6. After Saving your limits are added/changed as per values entered in Editor Mode.


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