MP3 Name: 

The new playlist manager allows you to change/edit mp3 names on the playlist online. It is the IDV3v2 tag of the mp3 file and it is the name of a song that AutoDJ uses to set a song name on your radio. WHMSonic sets IDV3v2 tags automatically by reading the uploaded mp3 file name when you upload a new mp3 file, this is the same if you upload by FTP and "Reload The Playlist" on the playlist manager. You can also configure IDV3v2 tags on your computer then WHMSonic will pass the automatic IDV3v2 tag update.


How to change/edit an MP3 name on the playlist?

Simply click on the edit icon link to edit the mp3 name on the playlist. This will update the mp3 name and IDV3v2 tag of it online. So you don't have to edit mp3 files on your computer and then re-upload etc.. It saves your time.


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