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  • How the cPnginx works?

    cPngninx works as a font end proxy for apache. So apache will be moved to another port. Nginx will server all static files.

  • Is it do gzip compressions ?

    Yes, it will compress the urls , so that will increase speed and reduce bandwidth.

  • Is it support HTTPS / SSL domains ?

    No, cPnginx won't support HTTPS . Your HTTPS domains still work from apache on port 443. There is no downtime or affect for https domains .

  • What version of nginx using in cPnginx?

    cPnginx use the latest stable versions of Nginx distribution..

  • Do you provide customization support ?

    No we won't provide any customization to nginx.

  • How I get support for this plugin ?

    We have 24x7 help desk and EMail support.

  • Do you provide custom price and bulk license ?

    Yes , you need to open a help desk ticket.

  • Do you have separate pricing for vps cPanel?

    No, whether it is dedicated server or vps, you need to pay the same price.

  • Can I sell this plugin in my hosting company ?

    Yes, you can offer this as a new addon module for your dedicated and vps server clients.

  • I have one more question. What should I do now?

    Shoot an email to help desk. We are happy to help you.

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