• Sâmbătă, Iulie 10, 2021


A price increase has been announced by Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN). By September 1, 2021, the .COM registry will increase the annual price for new .COM registrations, renewals and transfers by nearly 7%. So a price hike will come into effect according.


Apart from this year's price increase, Verisign will increase .COM domain fees by 7% in 2022 and 2023, as well in 2026 to 2029. 


To save big with the recent price hike of .COM domain, it is suggested to make early renewals and thus secure domains for multiple years. Going ahead and renewing for the next 10 years will save up to USD 37.40 per domain!


The price hike goes into effect on September 1, giving you plenty of time to renew your .com domains and take advantage of the current pricing!


With our current pricing, a .COM costs 13.00 USD. So if Verisign proceeds with all the approved increases, then let's see how that could look over the next 10 years:


Now 2021 4.6% 2022 7%** 2023 7%** 2024 n/a 2025 n/a 2026 7%** 2027 7%** 2028 7%** 2029 7%** 2030 n/a
13.00 13.59 14.54 15.55 15.55 15.55 16.63 17.79 19.03 20.36 20.36


Convey your customers about the price increase, communicate how they can take advantage of current pricing, and lock the registrations and renewals of domains for multi-year. On our system, you can renew today your .com for two or more years, and you can take advantage of the lower current pricing and spare the rising fee for several coming years.


Now is the time to register, transfer in, and renew .COM domains, and don't miss to check out our domain portfolio in accordance before September 1. Our billing and sales team is always ready to assist you with any support you may need, don't hesitate to contact us.