Linux distributions are using package managers to install, update and remove applications. "apt-get command not found" is a command error type that is shown while installing, updating, and removing applications. The following are the error cases and solutions.

When running apt-get install tmux command you may get the following error.

$ apt-get install tmux

To understand errors and get the solution, require to know distributions using apt-get as the default package manager. Followings can work with apt-get without a problem.

• Debian
• Ubuntu
• Mint
• Kali

The error is made by distributions not working apt-get as the default package manager. So the command will not found. Following distributions do not use apt-get as the default package manager.

• Fedora
• CentOS
• Arch
• MacOS X
• openSUSE

The solution is using the provided distribution package manager here is a list of them.

> For Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL

Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL distributions use yum as the default package manager. Then run yum as given below.

$ sudo yum install tmux

> For Arch

For Arch Linux, we can use the following command.

$ packman -S tmux

> For Mac OS X

macOS X uses brew as a package manager. We can do it like below.

$ brew install tmux

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