How to upload a file using File Manager in cPanel

Sometimes it's necessary to upload files to your cPanel account. This can be easily accomplished by using the File Manager within your cPanel account. If you are unfamiliar with File Manager in cPanel, please see our article on Using File Manager in cPanel.

In this example, we're going to upload a test.html file to the public_html folder in File Manager. So when you visit the file through a web browser, you'd go to If you wanted to place the file in a subfolder called test, then to visit the file in a browser you'd go to

Log into cPanel.

1)  On the home screen under the files section choose "File Manager".

2) Next, choose where you'd like to start in. For this example, we're going to use the Web Root option - which is the public_html folder. Since we're uploading to the public_html  folder we do not need to navigate anywhere else.

3) Select "Upload" from the icons at the top.

4) Navigate to the file you want to upload on your local computer by selecting the "Choose File" button.

5) Select the file and click "Open". Once the file is finished uploading you can click on the link in the cetner of the screen to retrun to the folder you uploaded the file to

Now, in a web browser, we can visit the file and verify it uploaded to the location correctly.
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