During this time, your website won't load because it cannot connect to the database. So before I start, please note the circumstances in which this error occurs:

1). Trying to recreate your root account again.
2). Change the password for the root user in MySQL.
3). Any other reason.


It is clearly mentioned in the error that if any mysqld process is still running and due to this you cannot change the password for the root user. So, we have to kill all mysqld process before running "mysqld_safe" command.

To kill all mysqld process :

# killall mysqld mysqld_safe

Wait for 10 seconds atleast so that it shut down cleanly.

Now, run this command to check whether still there are some mysqld process remained or not?

# ps aux | grep mysqld

If you still able to see more than run this command:

killall -9 mysqld mysqld_safe

This will kill all mysqld processes.

Now, you can perform your mysqld_safe command.

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